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Whether you are starting your career path, moving to a new career path or simply looking to work in a dynamic, exciting and rewarding environment, Takaful Industry provides you a huge opportunity in careers development and seeking.

Careers Opportunities in Takaful Industry

There were two categories that can be derived from the careers opportunity in Takaful industry one is in corporate management and another one is sales management.

1. Corporate Management

Basically, this category opportunity comes from the Takaful Operator management where it involves Finance, Human Resources/Human Capital, and Distributions Channel, Operations, and Customer Services. In standard corporate careers opportunity, there was a job family that can be divided into levels.

Level 1: Administrative / Supportive (This is an entry level position that involves routine administrative chores and support for the higher levels within the department. e.g. service support, assistant)

Level 2: Specialist / Operational (at this level, employees require specialist skills and knowledge in a particular discipline

Level 3: Middle Management (This level involves those who have in-depth knowledge and a great deal of experience in the industry e.g. assistant manager, manager)

Level 4: Head of Department (This level involves those who are setting the strategies for the department and are responsible for those lower levels within department e.g. Head of channel, Head of department)

2. Sales Management

As the sales make in a massive quantity, the Takaful Operators needs an agent/wakil to sell their products that has been developed. An agent must qualify certain qualification to become the qualified agent. Same like the life insurance, the agent must take an exam – Takaful Basic Examination (more info at http://www.takafuleexam.com/tbe/introduction )
The standard level of agents can be derived as below hierarchy

Higher Level - Group Agency Manager/ Agency Manager
Middle Level - Unit Manager/ Group Sales manager
Innitial Level - Agent/ Assistant Sales Manager
Please click Job in MTA Members for more details about the job description

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