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What is General Takaful?

General Takaful is provided to give protection to participant for losses arising from perils such as accident, fire, flood, liability and burglary. For instance, insuring your hourse and belongings against fire or vehicles against accidental damage or theft. You will also be covered on your liabilites to others arising out of the law demand and it is compulsory in some cases like the motor third party takaful.

When you participate in the General Takaful plan you will be covered when something happens to the items that are being covered. For instance, if you participate in General Takaful for your house and it was damaged in a storm, your Takaful protection will cover the cost of repairing your house but as long as you are up to date on your Takaful certificate.

 As a savvy consumer, you must shop around and compare prices from various Takaful companies.

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