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  • Rab al maal,Investor in a Mudarabah contract
  • Rahn,collateral
    An arrangement whereby a valuable asset is placed as collateral for a debt. The collateral may be disposed of in the event of a default.
  • ReTakaful operator's ,An amount deposited with or retained by a Takaful operator by way of security for performance Deposit by the reTakaful operator of its reTakaful contracts.
  • Retention ratio, The ratio of net contributions to gross direct and retakaful accepted contributions less retakaful within Malaysia.
  • Riba ,interest
    An increase, addition, unjust return or advantage obtained by the lender as a condition of a loan. Any risk-free or "guaranteed" rate of return on a loan or investment is Riba. Riba is all its forms is prohibited in Islam.

    In conventional terms, riba and "interest" are used interchageably, although the legal notion extends beyond more interest.
  • Riba al Buyu' ,usury of trade
    Also known as riba al fadl.

    A sale transaction in which a commodity is exchanged for an unequal amount of the same commodity and delivery is delayed. To avoid riba al buyu, the exchange of commodities from both sides must be equal and instand. Riba al buyu was prohibited by Prophet Mohammad to forestall riba (interest) from creeping into the economy.
  • Riba al Duyun,usury of debt
    Also known as usury of delay (riba al nasia). The usury of debt was an established practise among Arabs during the pre-Islamic period. It can occur as an excess increment on top of the principal, which is incorporated as an obligatory condition of the giving of a loan.

    Alternatively, an excess amount is imposed on top of the principal if the borrower fails to repay on the due date. More time is permitted for repayment in return for an additional amount. If the borrower fails to pay again, a further excess amount is imposed, etc.
  • Rider,An attachment to a certificate that modifies its conditions by expanding benefits.

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