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To ensure agents are continuously upgrading their knowledge and skills and to raise the standard of competency and professionalism of all registered Takaful agents, the implementation of a uniform Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is critically important as there is a great need at all stages of the Takaful agents career to continue improving the knowledge, understanding of the business and enhancement of competency and skills as the Takaful of today poses demands and challenges to meet the needs of the customers in the current paradigm.


The objectives of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Guidelines are:

i. to raise the standard of competency and professionalism of the Takaful agency force;

ii. to maintain and enhance their existing technical knowledge and professional skills;

iii. to learn new skills and understand economic development and to meet changing expectations;

iv. to keep abreast with the current developments in the technical knowledge and professional skills; and

v. to spell out clear guidance to MTA members in terms of recognising the types of training eligible for the CPD hours maintenance.

Kindly refer the full version MTA Guidelines on CPD programme at here.

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