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Part A
1. This Code of Ethics for the Financial Services Industry (“Code”) is a
public recognition by the financial services industry (“FSI”) of the critical
and privileged role that it plays in society and the acceptance by the
FSI of the responsibility upon organisations and individuals across the
industry to consistently adhere to a high standard of professionalism and
ethics in the conduct of their business and professional activities.
2. A high standard of professionalism and ethics requires organisations
and individuals across the FSI to serve the legitimate interest of
their customers and clients in an open and transparent manner, with
the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour, whilst
upholding and promoting the interest of the industry as a whole for the
benefit of society and the environment.
3. The FSI is interconnected, complex and increasingly globalised.
Maintaining and strengthening a strong culture of professionalism and
ethics that is anchored in a set of core ethical principles that apply
across the industry will contribute towards stronger financial consumer
protection and a more resilient financial system, thereby helping to
secure the credibility and sustainability of the industry and through
that, enhance the overall reputation of and reinforce public trust in
the industry. This can be achieved through the universal adoption
of an internationally acceptable code of ethics by organisations and
individuals across the FSI and by organisations across the industry
having an effective implementation system in place to enforce it.
4. This Code sets out the core ethical principles to which organisations
and individuals across the FSI should adhere, both in letter and in spirit,
and on which they can rely for guidance in decision-making and their
5. This Code applies to organisations, including institutions, and individuals
across the FSI. The industry comprises a wide spectrum of sectors,
including banking, insurance, capital markets and Islamic finance, and
serves a diverse range of customers and clients, including individuals,
families, businesses, governments and civic organisations, who have
varying degrees of sophistication in their financial literacy and skills.

6. This Code has been developed by the Financial Services Professional
Board (“FSPB”) through a working group comprising leaders in
the industry as well as subject matter experts and in consultation
with industry participants. It does not replace any relevant laws and
regulations. Instead, this Code complements a formal system of
regulation and contributes towards public oversight of the FSI through a
publicly available, voluntary, principles-based code of ethics developed
“by the industry, for the industry, in the public interest.”


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