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  • Shariah Compliance
    - Review and recommend to the MC on Shariah-related matters and on issues in the Takaful industry.
    - Endorse and validate relevant documentation for initiatives, new products and services, including contracts, agreements or other documents.
    - Assist and advise relevant parties on Shariah matters such as its legal counsel, auditor or other consultants, upon request.
  • Distritbution
    -  Initiate and carry out research and development for the industry in creating wider range of innovative Distribution Channel plans and business environment ; and
    -  To create cohesiveness and synergies of environment between TOs by increasing the market share of Takaful by distribution of a product through all available channels.
  • Finance
    -  To review, develop and recommend to the MC as well as adapt when necessary on the development of accounting, tax and investment .
    -  To contribute to the development of accounting and financial reporting for Takaful industry by close working relationship accounting bodies. 
    -  To communicate on a regular basis with members on issues and developments affecting Takaful practice in terms of accounting, tax and investment.
  • Learning and Development
    -  To recommend to the MC on the continued improvement and delivery of learning and development programs to staff and Intermediaries of the Takaful industry
    -  To formulate and coordinate Learning and Development activities, seminars and programs for staff and Intermediaries
  • Family Takaful
    -  To recommend to the MC industry initiatives for the strengthening of TOs ' Family Takaful operations;
    -  To formulate general methodologies and approaches for industry adoption;
    -  To initiate and carry out research for the industry in creating wider range of innovative Family Takaful plans and business environment;
  • General Takaful
    -  To recommend to the MC industry initiatives for the strengthen of TOs' General Takaful operations  
    -  To formulate general methodologies and approaches for adoption 
    -  Initiative and carry out research and development for the industry in creating wider range of innovative General Takaful plans and business environment
  • Governance and Compliance
    -  Ensuring effective deliberations and recommendations to the MC on new issuance and existing regulatory requirements and guidelines on the implications which may arise when changes in these regulatory requirements
    -  Formulating, coordinate and conduct discussions and briefing sessions to member companies to ensure that compliance requirements are properly understood and adequately implemented
  • International Relations and Retakaful
    -  To build international relations with Takaful and Retakaful operators throughout the world and seek opportunities for Takaful Operators in Malaysia to operate internationally
    -  Initiate the development of Retakaful contract
  • Corporate Communication
    -  To plan and strategize public relation activities for MTA.
    -  To organize public relation functions for MTA.
    -  To keep an eye on the industry developments and prepare the updates on industries matters.
    -  To handle public relations and media relations regarding industry issues.
    -  To provide information and brief to the Chairman for his public engagement on matters related to MTA.
  • Takaful Agents Registrations Regulations Board
    -  To monitor the process and development of agency registration activity
    -  To ensure fulfilment of requirements as per regulations and compliance stated in MTA Inter-Takaful Agreement.
    -  To review and recommend to the Management Committee particularly on agency registration related development and issues in the industry.  

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