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Indonesia: National health insurance programme covers 120 mln

Indonesia: National health insurance programme covers 120 mln

Source: eDaily | 06 Jan 2014

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has launched a nationwide health insurance scheme for the poor, with the programme covering around 120 million people or 48 percent of the country's population for a start and expected to be extended to cover the entire population by January 2019.

"This is a great leap that has been conducted since the independence of Indonesia,” said  President Yudhoyono about the newly established Social Security Organising Body (BPJS) that commenced operations on 1 January.

BPJS is the transformation of PT Askes, a state-run agency tasked to provide  insurance for low-income people, and Jamsostek, which covered workers in the formal manpower sector. In addition, BJPS covers troops and members of regional administrations' health insurance scheme programmes.

The new insurance scheme is actually divided into two sections: BPJS Health and BPJS Manpower. BPJS Manpower covers work-related accidents, retirement benefits and life insurance. The scheme is expected to start operations by 1 January 2015 and cover 31 million members of Indonesia’s workforce by 2017.

The Health Ministry says that 1,720 out of 2,300 Indonesian hospitals, both private and public, have signed a partnership agreement with BPJS. They comprise 533 public hospitals, 919 private hospitals, 109 special and psychiatric hospitals, 104 Indonesian Military hospitals and 45 National Police hospitals.

Among the first group of 120 million people covered, there are 86.4 million beneficiaries of the government-funded community health protection scheme Jamkesmas; 11 million beneficiaries of locally-funded health insurance scheme Jamkesda; 16 million Askes holders; 7 million Jamsostek holders and 1.2 million members of Asabri, an insurance scheme for military and police personnel.

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