Code of Ethics & Conducts



One of the more prominent endeavor for Takaful Operators is to create a healthy and highly credible business environment. A healthy and credible environment is necessary to ensure that the interests of the Member Companies and the benefits to the public are protected.

It is imperative that the Takaful Operators’ Agents observe the standard of ethics which forms the basis of the principles and business of Takaful.

To this end, the Malaysian Takaful Associations (MTA) has made it their aim to introduce a set of rules of ethics for the use of the Takaful Operators’ Takaful Agents. This Code of Ethics is the basic guideline for Takaful Agent to observe in their practice. The agenda of the guideline is to strengthen universal moral values and consequently to uphold the interests and the welfare of the company, the shareholders, the Takaful participants, the community in general and the Agent themselves.


Central to this Code of Ethics is the principle that this Code encapsulates the tenets of honest practices, responsible, transparent as well as carrying social agenda for the community.

Kindly refer the full version MTA Agent's Code of Ethics at here.