Guidelines on Replacement of Family Takaful Certificates (ROC) - Inter Takaful Operator Procedures



In line with the objective of MTA to promote self-regulations for common interest among members, Guidelines on the Replacement of Family Takaful certificates – Inter-Company Procedures is all replacement of Takaful certificates between Takaful operators arising from the movement of agents and all intermediaries. BNM/RH/CIR 004-22 Replacement of Family Takaful Certificates shall apply to all replacement of Family Takaful Certificates between two Takaful operators.


2.1. The objectives of the Guidelines on ROC – Inter-Company Procedures are as follows:

Kindly refer the full version MTA Guidelines on ROC at here.  

  1. to develop a common understanding and establish a set of decisive procedures amongst member companies of MTA in dealing with external ROC;
  2. to ensure the interest of certificate owner is continuously safeguarded;
  3. to deter unwarranted ROC that may tarnish the reputation and best practices of Family Takaful operators;
  4. to maintain the trust that participants place on Takaful operators knowing they will conduct their business ethically and with integrity; and
  5. to reduce the incident of the replacement family Takaful certificate.